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Diamond Atelier

Diamond Atelier
Mattighofer Str. 1, München, Germany

One night in July, 2013 – Cruising through the empty streets of downtown Munich like on any regular summer night, we approach the city’s biker hangout. With the familiar smell of gasoline in the air also comes the well-known selection of local customized bikes we have all seen so many times before. With most “custom“ parts being bought from catalogues and not hand-build, the majority of these motorcycles look like they rolled off the same Cafe Racer production line. There had to be more than the existing monotonous and repetitive custom scene. What it needed was fresh ideas, unique styles and never before seen creations. – But we sure knew, that just another workshop wouldn’t cut it. It strived for a whole new mindset; Young entrants in an old-established niché; The next generation of Cafe Racers. That summer night, we founded Diamond Atelier.

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